Investigation by Indiana State Board of Accounts finds $152,127.54 Unaccounted For in Wabash’s Wastewater Billing Department

WABASH, Ind. – A special investigation by the Indiana State Board of Accounts into the City of Wabash’s Wastewater Billing Department has found $152,127.54 unaccounted for, The Paper of Wabash County learned today.
“The department cannot account for collections credited to customer accounts totaling $152,127.54,” according to a 10-page report obtained by The Paper. “These collections were entered in the department’s computer system in 112 batches assigned to 94 different collection dates from September 5, 2013 to May 9, 2017. None of the batches are included in the Department’s daily Cash Entry Batch Lists, and none of the collections in those batches were ever remitted to the office of the Clerk Treasurer, recorded in the in the City’s fund ledger, or deposited in the bank.”
According to the report, the missing “batches” were allegedly recorded on software operated by Angelina Monroe, a former billing clerk in the department.
The report, which was filed on Wednesday, Dec. 6, is seeking reimbursement from Monroe to the City of Wabash for the amount that is missing.
In addition, it is seeking another $26,477.38 to be paid by Monroe, the cost of the special investigation.
The report indicates the findings were sent to Wabash County Prosecutor William Hartley Jr., as well as the office of the Indiana Attorney General.
It is not yet known if charges have been filed against Monroe. The Paper contacted Hartley’s office; however he is out of the office until Monday.
The Paper also has not yet received any comment from Mayor Scott Long on the matter. A call to the mayor’s office at City Hall went unanswered, and an email to the mayor has not yet been returned.
More details will be added as they become available.

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